2012-02-08 04:34:50 by Maxacutioner

Well, the site has been redesigned again and every time that happens it makes me want to start posting things again. Now that the word "Flash" has been removed, and they are open to more types of movies or games, I may submit some of my recent music videos, as well as some new songs that I've got coming out soon. I got this account when I was 11 and it's got some pretty funny, and some pretty crappy stuff on it. I'd like to think I've improved a bit since then, but I guess that's up to you lot. I'll hopefully upload some stuff soon- just gotta figure out how to convert .mov files to .swf! boom boom boom, I'll see y'all soon~

EDIT: haha, I just read back to my first "post" and saw that it was also titled "Wow", and was also about how the redesign made me want to post more.


2007-07-22 16:06:50 by Maxacutioner

So I've started adding some of my music to this place. I hope you enjoy it! For more check out my MySpace page

Let's get it started!

2007-07-17 21:45:45 by Maxacutioner

Sweet. So I already started something. Not sure what it's about yet... just getting a couple basic things out of the way, but I think it's going to turn out to be something cool.

stay tuned


2007-07-17 19:56:49 by Maxacutioner

Well, this is amazingly cool. Just the fact that this page now exists, and the site is re-designed makes me want to start doing flash stuff again!! Awesome. I'm not really any better at drawing, and I'm hopefully at least a LITTLE better at animating, but I guess you guys are the judge of that. I'll start working on something soon, hopefully.

Stay tuned!